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Gut Health Secrets book by Rachel Miner
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Doctor Thomas Hemingway
"The importance of gut health truly cannot be underestimated and is importantly intertwined in almost every aspect of our overall health. Although the trillions of microbes that make up our microbiome can seem to be quite complicated, in her book, Gut Health Secrets, Rachel keeps things simple yet still explains them well in a way that we can all understand this important aspect of our health."
Kauai Medical Clinic Board of Directors
Thomas Hemingway MD
Lori Feuerstein

"Gut health is our unsung hero! Gut Health Secrets gives it the accolades it deserves!"
Counselor, MS LPC
Lori Feuerstein
Learn the Secrets Now! Heal Your Body By Healing Your Gut, Without Exhaustion Or Overwhelm
Here's What We've Learned (New Research)
There is a big difference between knowing what gut health is and knowing how to heal the gut . . . wouldn't you agree?
When you get GUT HEALTH SECRETS today, you will find the answer to the following:
  • What is leaky gut and how do I heal it?
  • What is the gut-brain connection?
  • How your gut makes you fat or thin
  • ​What is your microbiome?
Get ready to learn the GUT HEALTH SECRETS that will unlock the mysteries to helping your body and mind function the way they are designed to work.
Think about all the frustration of knowing you are a smart person but not knowing how to figure out the issues your own body is having. Not knowing where to turn for answers to the questions running around in your head. Not knowing who to believe and what advice to take and use. 

Every client I have helped has said how "How can it be this simple?" or "I wish I had know about this before..."

- How many more years will go by before you feel better?
​- How long before the health issues will prevent you from living your fullest life?
​- How long before the food your eat will catch up with you ?
- How long before you are sick of being sick?
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meet the master behind the book
Rachel Miner
Rachel is a 30-year entrepreneur helping people feel great and live their true potential.

Mom of seven, marathon runner, mountain hiker, beach lover, slot canyon rappeller, business owner of brick and mortar and virtual companies for 30 years.
Rachel learned how to overcome self doubt and self sabotage and take those challenges and trials to help others.
When you want to know how gut health effects your mind, body, and spirit, what you need is help, instruction, and encouragement from someone who has "been there and done that!" with Gut Health Coaching.
I can definitely help you Have Energy, Look Good, and Feel Great!
Gut Health Secrets book by Rachel Miner
Who else wants to know the connection between you gut's microbiome and the affects it can have on the ENTIRE body & brain?
Including: Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Autoimmune Disease, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, and More . . .
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